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Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I wear?

                                                                              pink accessories

                                                          Peplum Dress

Though you wont have to put your minimalist minis and second skin dresses into closet anytime soon, the latest look for cocktail frocks involves a little flair.
A single, short overskirt that instantly adds a little glamour or drama to any pieces the PEPLUM!.
i wore this dress on a party , and i bought it during a  Bazaar at Davcon in Davao City. :)
A combination of black and pink.... thoughts? :)


  1. Saw your blog link on chictopia. I just love your outfit posts so I'm following your blog. I feature other bloggers who have great style. Hope you check out my blog too and follow me back if you want. :)

    -- M.

  2. Nice dress!

    Do you like to follow eachother?
    Let me know ;)

  3. hello girl! thank you!
    sure, id like to follow you! :)