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Thursday, September 17, 2015

OOTD: turnt up the swag!

Hey! dolls! sorry for the loooong update on my blog, well im getting swaggity swaggy
HAHAA! Dressing swag means not only having the right clothes but also being comfortable
with your body and the right attitude. dressing confidence,looking cool and being proud to show what 
you've got!. About my outfit dolled up this crop top showing my stomach, HAHA and matchy matchy with my top and shoes, thats the swag! 👍🏻

                      •KEDS       •BERSHKA

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Finally an outfit update! Its been a loooong time dolls! I super miss my blog, 😔 did you all miss me? HAHAHA ok enough with drama, so i decided to wear casual today. 
The basic that will never ever fail  together  are pair of jeans and a basic white t-shirt ,it has become the omnipresent look that you can wear to any occasion.  I personally like to wear this outfit and always remember the important key is to get basic pieces with a perfect fit. 
PS: i put this houndstooth blazer to make the outfit more elaborate and stylish. 😉

-Tattered Jeans -ZARA