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Monday, January 28, 2013

Just the way it is

              Hello dolls! new update about my look. I love this short that im dying of, I bought it on the Online Shop I don't know what to call on this short (HAHA) and I paired with this leopard sleeveless from PRP and a leopard heels too! I LOVE LEOPARD PRINTS. plus punk accessories not too bad isn't it? you know i hate my hair its messy (HEHE) that's really my problem today ugh! anyways hope you'll love my look. 




Friday, January 18, 2013


                  Hello dolls! sorry if I took so LOOOOONG to update my blog :) glad im back and soooooo excited about my outfit! (hehee) you know im soooooo disappointed and sad :( when i took this photo because i left my new Havaianas in this place ugh! im soo stupid! (hahaa) I'll never forget this place (hahaa) Ive been in Davao City for a week.Hope you'll love my outfit.  Thoughts? :) 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Red Spidey!

                      Yesss! glad i posted again a new photo :) i forgot to tell that i dyed may hair (huhu) :( i dont know why i do this (haha) but they says that "Regrets are felt when its too late" arrrgghh! and ill wait for 6 months to color my hair again (huhuhu) but i dont care as long as its good to see (haha) What do you think dolls?? 


Shoes- Janeo


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Yey! 2013

                                                                sexy back!

                                                                  soooo LEOPARD PRINTS

                    Welcome 2013! wooo! another year again, and may this year bring joy to our loved ones and surrounded by laughter and positive people and especially what you want you get (HAHA) I dont think so this may happen to me :) To start with my new year, well i wore this Leopard Prints all over its one of my favorite prints and finally i buy this shoes that im dying of!. thoughts?

                     Shoes- Primadonna
                     Bag-     PRP
                     Shorts- WAGW