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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


           OLA! after 5985632325 years im backkkk! HAHA sorry guys! been busy for the last months huhuhu, but here I am!, so happy cause finally I updated my blog, :) so today I wore this pink and white combi, its simple chic and casual. I specially choose an all white look whch I think is classic and timeless and adding the pink blazer for some color variety. 

PS: oh please just ignore my face (hahahaa.



Friday, August 8, 2014

A little too late

Olaaa! Lovelies back on being so stylish (haha), so missed my blog been busy on my current job. after a stressful days finally had this time to take a pose (haha) 😊 and I'm currently using my ipad to update this blog 😔 it's so hard to type using touch screen (haha) 

😋 . Rain stops pouring and skies seem to enjoy and a hat to keep my head and hair rain drop free. 🎩 got this another pair of bowler hat that I've been eyeing lately and decided to pair on my ootd, I'm wearing my favorite color combo the black and white, I love the simplicity and so girlish type of my outfit,you can pair anything on a white plain t-shirt. Thoughts? 


Aldo, Bershka , forever21 , CLN, SM Accessories 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You cant stop me

     Apologize for the long update :( been so busy on my job, its hard to find time to shoot (HEHEHE) but NO ONE CANT STOP ME NOW!. :) Well today's outfit is edgy meet sporty. Todays trend is something with a touch of sporty and look what i found in my closet  (HEHE).
 I love 6 inch stiletto, a high platform and most of all a good boot, just like my ankle maroon boots (as you seen on mah pic) that ive been eyeing lately its one of my fashion must have that i got from CLN :) the number one reason i love from this look? Comfort ofcourse!

Thoughts dolls??


Thursday, May 1, 2014


OMG! its been a while dollls!  ╮(╯3╰)╭ i miss you all! (HEHEHE)  sorry for the long wait. Well, now that im back ill keep on posting updates (i hope so) HEHE. So as you can see I wore pleated skirt  (ZARA) i so love it especially the fabric and texture. Pleated Skirts are classy and i think they will never go out of trend. You can combine in so many trends over and over again, it go so perfectly with girly soft styles, giving more volume and movement to outfit. 

Till my next post lovelies!! ciao!


Saturday, March 8, 2014


                 Excuse me? for my irritated look its because of the sun but its the outfit that counts right? lol. So got this blazer ombre denim on FOREVER21 and I have totally found, a new fun way to wear it with this zigzag printed dress (HEHE) and a DIY flower crown. 

Denim Blazer- FOREVER21


Saturday, February 22, 2014


                Hi Loves! dolled up casual look for today! and you know im soo excited for Summer! its so Hot in here! maybe me? who is hot! LOL. So lets talk about my OOTD, along with the recent reemergence of crop tops, high waisted shorts have become the fastest growing staple in the closet of fashionable people today! its soo perfect for summer. what do you think?

Looking forward again for some amazing outfits! ciao! 
PS: Sorry for the bad effect picture. :( 

    TOP- SM-GTW (The rest I got from a THRIFT SHOP)