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Saturday, February 22, 2014


                Hi Loves! dolled up casual look for today! and you know im soo excited for Summer! its so Hot in here! maybe me? who is hot! LOL. So lets talk about my OOTD, along with the recent reemergence of crop tops, high waisted shorts have become the fastest growing staple in the closet of fashionable people today! its soo perfect for summer. what do you think?

Looking forward again for some amazing outfits! ciao! 
PS: Sorry for the bad effect picture. :( 

    TOP- SM-GTW (The rest I got from a THRIFT SHOP) 



Sunday, February 16, 2014

Turn me on

            Ola! Belated  Happy Valentines Day! hows your Valentines day loves? :) anyways dolled up something casual today, I really like red and black combi. 😊 and I got this jacket and this high waisted short from the Thrift shop. 😄 ohhh I love Thrift Shopping. 🙋 my heels 👠 really goes well with my outfit. Hope you'll love it loves! Till next post.


Crop top- ifassion
 Jacket- thrift 
Shorts- thrift

Sunday, February 2, 2014


             Hi lovelies! rockin some grunge look today, I posted photos to differentiate which is cool or not? (HEHE) one is I wore Ripped tights and the other has none. So judged it for your self :)                                                                                          --xoKimmyD--  

                             Boots- Janilyn