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Thursday, July 26, 2012

hype my look! :)

hello! dolls and again for how many weeks! i haven't posted a look, so heres one of my look that i newly uploaded. I wore this white crochet Top that i bought from UK  and also my high waist short. hmmm.. i find my look edgy!. Thoughts? ta-ta!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Part 2: Shoot at Glan

Ofcourse! Photoshoot wouldn't be missed! Thoughts? ta-ta!
Photo Credits: Ryan Roldan!

Glan Experience

                                           As I Listen to the sound of the waves. (wearing my 3 color dress)

       When one thinks of Glan Sarangani probably the first thing that comes in mind is the Beaches of Glan Sarangani. I fell in love with its beaches, the trip was long but the coastal highway provides scenic glimpses of Sarangani Bay. I cant wait to get out of the car. And finally the car stopped! HA HA there! I saw the shimmering coastline with its calm, clear, blue waters and powdery soft white sand.  Thoughts??

Thought of the day ∞

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mascarade Party

I experienced the intrigue and  beauty of a mascarade party, perfect dress, party goers danced when the music started but the loveliest part of the evening, the part that leads to the grandeur and mystery of it all, are the masquerade masks that cover the faces of those around. I decided to wear something dark colored so i picked blue and red HAHA and my mask, i designed it with red and blue glitters, i wore red and blue accesories.
Red and Blue  not bad! HAHA... tHOUGHTS??

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kimmy's says: Pic of Today

hello dolls! its been a long time i haven't updated my blog , kinda busy. soo heres a glimpse of what i edited today just saw this pic from my cam, and i find it Simple and Beautiful. hahaha.. Thoughts??